Messages from Nature

Messages from Nature

By: Mireya del Pilar

Journal in hand, coffee in the table and a cozy rainy afternoon with a gorgeous bay view. Perfect setting for writing and journaling. My plan was to write about achieving a conscious and mindful living during this unprecedented and nerve wrecking times we are all living, but I was starting to think that the writing gods forsake me, I was blank.

As I was waiting for inspiration to strike, a splash happened! A beautiful dolphin just jumped out in front of me. He was swimming slowly, flowing in the water gracefully, with no hurry, enjoying the ride, the moment, the sea.

This dolphin appearance reminded me of the importance of being here and now.   They are magical creatures and have a variety of symbolic meanings in different cultures.  Some of these meanings are essential for maintaining a well-balanced life and here we give you some good ones to start practicing right now.

  1. Build Strength: Dolphins are so strong and powerful that even sharks are afraid of them. One mindful practice that will help you improve your strength is yoga. As you get stronger physically, you will also build personal power, character, and inner strength.
  2. Live in Harmony: Dolphins are in tune with nature and their surroundings and that is why they’re very harmonious creatures.  The power of nature brings us to the present moment and help us slowdown from a busy life. Take a silent walk and feel the fresh air and the sun. Go to beach and walk barefoot. Meditate outdoor and breathe consciously, just close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on your breath.  These simple practices will help you feel calmer and more grounded.
  3. Community: Dolphins are friendly creatures that live in community.  Find your tribe. Share your experiences with a group of like-minded people, this will help you expand your vision and perspective for a happier life, as well as support you through tough times.
  4. Gentleness: Like Dolphins, be kind and gentle with yourself. Trust the process, trust your body, trust your voice.  We are all living and learning together and to be kind and gentle to others you have to start with yourself.