Meditating with Sharks

Meditating with Sharks

By: Mireya del Pilar

Surviving the corporate world, one breath at a time

The business review with your number one client is tomorrow at 9am.

It’s 5pm and the presentation is still under final team review.

There are ten team members in a conference room and this is the scene: at the center, the ones that did not submitted the information on time and have all kind of excuses. In one corner, the power struggle over which idea is best to finish the presentation. On the other corner, people are checking the latest Taylor Swift video online, and to make things worse, the boss asked for the final presentation before 6pm to review it.

Welcome to Corporate America!

If you are like me, you want to get things done fast and this scenario will raise your blood pressure to heart attack level, but, how to survive this and other challenges without burning bridges, sacrificing performance, health, family and most of all sanity!!

For me it came down to practice yoga.

People think that yoga and the corporate world can’t co-exist, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2013, I started my yoga journey by becoming a certified yoga teacher. Believe me that the idea was not to leave my job to become a “yogini”, but rather to have more tools that help me be more present, calm and focus.

After a regular yoga routine, the benefits started to show. Physically I had more energy, strength and was getting thinner (yay!), mentally I felt more empowered and with more clarity, emotionally I was happier, calmed. My relations with co-workers started to improve, my reaction to challenges at work softened, it helped me obtain better solutions and results. Colleagues, friends and family started to ask what I was doing and all I could answer was, yoga.

Let’s be real, some days we hate our jobs, our relationships and blame everybody and everything out there for feeling horrible. But the solution (sometimes) is not to change your job or get a divorce but to change the way you react to all the daily challenges and believe me, these are going to be there always.

So go ahead and find your thing, it can be yoga (I highly recommend it!), surfing, hiking, writing, biking or even meditating!

Find something that help you shift your energy and flow with ease through your life to create balance and deal with challenges, one breath at a time.